0. the fool

from the golden thread tarot

from the golden thread tarot


key words, concepts, symbols

+ "The Fool asks us to enter into an exchange of trust with the universe."
+ answering "a call"
+ overcoming self-doubt
+ embracing uncertainty
+ a dog or animal familiar (because you are not alone in this)
+ a wand, held lightly (you have access to magic, even if you don't know how to wield it yet)
+ "You silence your inner critic, you don't plan for how you want things to go, you allow yourself to be derailed or distracted, and you trust that you'll end up where you need to be."



I've always been wary of this card, as I always associated it with naivety, a little bit of recklessness, and the inability to control ones desires and directions. This is partly due to my deep-seeded need to control every aspect of my life - to feel like I have agency at all times and that I am never in a place where I can't pull myself back on track. But sometimes, it's necessary to let myself dive into something with no inhibitions, with no fear, and without looking back. I've done it before, and some of my best relationships/art/ideas have come out of it, but it's hard to maintain. I need to trust in myself and the universe. Trust that when I fall, I will get back up, but that the leap off the proverbial cliff is important. It brings good things - even if those things are learning experiences. It's energy and fire, rather than stagnation. I need to turn my anxiety into wonder and excitement, like when I'm driving through the mountains and am struck by the indescribable beauty of the world around me. That's what making art should feel like. That's what living every fucking day should feel like. 

Innocence, Freedom, Starting Out, Potential, Risk, Naivety, Spontaneity, Purity, Simplicity, Optimism, New Beginnings, Free Spirit, Faith, Trust


Reversed: Absence, Apathy, Vanity, Carelessness, Recklessness, Being Taken Advantage Of, Inconsideration

related symbols

aspen, sun, Aries, man, eagle, deer, bird