1. the magician


key words, concepts, symbols

+ setting intentions/declaring intent
+ directing energy consciously
+ willpower
+ being dynamic
+ turning thoughts into action
+ having all of the resources you need (four suits, four elements)
+ being POWERFUL
+ "When the Magician appears in your readings, it reminds you that you are powerful. It reminds you that you deserve to accomplish your dreams, whether big or small, and that you have all you need to do so. If you see obstacles in your way, find solutions or find a different way." - The Little Red Tarot
+ "That’s why the Magician card so often shows a figure holding one hand up to the sky. They are reaching high and drawing down divine power, universal energy, magic, and channelling it through their human body. The other hand, pointing down to the ground, earths that energy, turns it into something real. The hand to the sky is intention. The hand to the ground is manifestation. Fire, becoming earth." - The Little Red Tarot
+ You have all you need - if you hit a roadblock, change direction
+ There is power and magic available to you - you are not alone
+ You are a conduit, so the less control you have, the better
+ Muses
+ Taking the urges of The Fool and turning them into real, focused work


I would love The Magician to show up more often in my readings. I want permission to not try so hard. On my best, most productive days, this is the card I am channeling. The ideas just come to me, and somehow I am able to translate them to paper (fire to earth, channelling through my fingertips). I do things with intention on those days. I am the chronic productive procrastinator though, and the Magician is a reminder that I don't need to be in the perfect place/mood or go buy a new pencil/notebook to be productive. The power to create is within me and the things I already have surrounding me (physical and mental) are the only things that I need to succeed.