10. the wheel of fortune


Key words / concepts / symbols

+ change is happening
+ "If you are feeling low, it's hard to remember joy bursting from your being, In summer, the shiver of snow is unimaginable. Know that wherever you are on this wheel, it will keep turning."
+ a good change of luck
+ predictions and prophecies
+ feeling like something is destined to happen
+ a shift in power dynamics
+ "It is very easy, when we feel down on our luck, to focus on the stuff that’s out of our hands. To complain and wring our hands and feel helpless. The Wheel card is not merciless – it bears witness to this, and it acknowledges that there are forces acting upon you that you can’t do a thing about. The Wheel of Fortune advises you to look carefully at your situation and separate the things you can’t change from the things you can. And to focus your energy there. To take responsibility for your life, to put yourself in the driving seat, and bring about the changes you want to see." - The Little Red Tarot
+ taking responsibility
+ "There is an element of karma at play with this card. Not in the sense that if you are super good you will be rewarded for it. It's how you choose to respond to circumstances and limitations that will define you as a person. So you can grumble softly to yourself that you are an undiscovered genius, why can't anyone see that, or you can use that energy for something creative rather than something destructive." - The Creative Tarot
+ focusing on what you can do (rather than being frustrated by what you cannot change)
+ all things are interconnected
+ "Remember that you are part of a world wide web, that you belong, that your actions have consequences, that you are part of a wider narrative. Consider chaos theory, and the idea that every movement we make imparts energy and influence into this world. Be aware of the great power in your hands to create change, and to receive change at the hands of others. Understand your life as part of a greater narrative, within the mysteries of fate and destiny, as a small – yet significant – part of a greater whole." - The Little Red Tarot
+ seeing the bigger picture
+ wheel, other rotary symbols
+ the four elements


This is really a perfect card for me to have drawn for 2018 as a whole. I feel like every moment of this year has been a lesson one way or another. It has been a lesson in being the change I need. It has been a lesson in focusing and intentions. And I know it will continue to be. I feel like the ups and downs, the luck and intensity, the outpouring of creativity followed by art block that seems like it will never disappear. This is The Wheel turning. Where can I focus my energy? I can change my habits. I can change the way I exercise and eat and sleep. I can change what hour I wake up and what hour I go to sleep. I cannot change my brain chemistry. I cannot change how often things go wrong at work. But I can change how often I dwell on them. I can change how much energy I give those things, and focus more energy on the things I can improve. I can focus less energy on feeling blocked and helpless and more energy on actively working through my block. I'm already doing that by taking the mornings to reflect, focus, and show up. I can change a lot about my life. I am working hard for this. The change is going to come gradually, but I can already feel it happening. I am setting my intentions and I am moving forward. I am turning the wheel myself, instead of letting the wheel turn without my consent. I am working my way upwards.