11. justice


key words / symbols / concepts

+ rational, logical thought
+ knowing, objectively what is right
+ justice, fairness, balance
+ accountability
+ "consider the way your decisions now might affect the things to come." - The Mesquite Tarot
+ social justice
+ cause and effect
+ getting the "right" outcome
+ being black and white about a situation
+ cutting through the bullshit
+ "This is about thinking things through. It can be hard to remove the emotions from a situation, especially if you have been wronged or are doing wrong to another. But Justice leaves nowhere to hide from the facts, and asks you to face them." - The Little Red Tarot
+ "The anger and despair at the situation might be present, but those feelings are put aside in order to focus on progress." - The Creative Tarot
+ legal affairs
+ scales (balance, fairness)
+ sword (rational thought, cutting through confusion)
+ symmetry (logic, structure)
+ thrones, crowns, robes (power and status)