12. the hanged man


key words / concepts / symbols

+ "Doing nothing can be so much harder than doing something. We are so used to leaping right onto a situation and dealing with it quickly – it is an act of bravery and strength to simply hold back." - The Little Red Tarot
+ passivity
+ holding back
+ patience
+ acknowledging that you do not know everything
+ allowing events to unfold
+ meditation and mindful practice
+ inner peace
+ independent thinking, taking a different approach
+ "Meditation. Mindfulness. The aim of such practices is not only to ‘get some peace and quiet’, but attain a level of spiritual awareness, a genuine inner peace. The ego is quieted, the chattering mind ceases, and we find a sense of peace, the ability to simply be, without judgement. Moments like these are awakenings." - The Little Red Tarot
+ "The process of cocooning, of undergoing dedication, deprivation, or sacrifice." - The Mesquite Tarot
+ self-acceptance
+ overcoming ego
+ not being afraid of what's inside you
+ "Let's say you have a revelation: suddenly the whole world looks different to you, and everything makes a new kind of sense. In order to get to that moment, something has to shake us out of our complacency; something that makes us question and seek a new answer. And after our revelation, we need a moment to contemplate how this changes things for us." - The Creative Tarot
+ "Above all, seek peace from your ego and its incessant demands on your spirit. Practice allowing yourself to simply be. Know that you are enough. Know that there is nothing outside of you that can validate or ‘fix’ you. Accept yourself as you are, without judgement." - The Little Red Tarot