13. Death

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key words / concepts / symbols

+ "Get ready to start over. You are ready for a new start, a fresh page. Mind map, vision board, think ahead with excitement and joy. Change is a beautiful thing, welcome this fresh energy into your life." - The Little Red Tarot
+ Personal transformation
+ Starting over, moving on
+ The ending of a cycle
+ " Death allows us to bid farewell to the way we were working or living before, and that change has great inspirational impact on us."
+ Letting go, saying goodbye
+ "Death is a necessary letting go, so that we can move forwards and grow into the next era of our lives. We must allow our ego, our identities, to ‘die’, we must accept that life changes, that we change, so as to grow into what comes next. A snake shedding its skin does not try to hold on to the old skin, pretending to still be yesterdays version of itself. It lets it all go, wearing its new skin, being its new self." - The Little Red Tarot
+ Preparing to begin a new cycle
+ Ritual to honour change
+ Being in the flow of change, not resisting
+ Letting go of an old identity, accepting that you have changed
+ Honoring the seasons of life
+ "As leaves decay, they crumble and disintegrate into fresh soil for new seeds. Death is a rich compost, a cleansing fire. Transformation spills messy, unpleasant, painful, there's no way around it." - The Mesquite Tarot