14. Temperance


Key words / concepts / symbols

+ "There’s real magic in this liminal, in-between space. In not being one thing, or another, but a blend of two, or many, things. Beyond simple ‘moderation’, Temperance is like honing a fine recipe. A little of this, a little of that, seeking the perfect balance, adding a little at a time, stopping to taste, to feel, to learn." - The Little Red Tarot
+ balance/harmony
+a blending of dualities
+ alchemy
+ seeking the middle path
+ not making extreme decisions
+ testing the waters
+ "What does it look like to simply sit with ourselves, with the complex, multi-faceted beings that we are, to honour the many different parts of ourselves, to simply see them?" - The Little Red Tarot
+ self care, grace, gentleness
+ integration into something you were something you were resisting
+ "Look for ways to invite a calmness into your life, and think about harmony and balance. How might you move towards a place of harmony (however that looks for you)? What do you need to bring in, or let go, in order to feel steadier, more in balance?" - The Little Red Tarot
+ non-gendered angel
+ one foot in the water (testing the water, blending the elements of earth and water)
+ water being poured (intuition)
+ sunrise (a new day, a new start)
+ two cups
+ flowers (natural renewal)
+ "Like tuning an instrument, Temperance can involve lots of tweaks and adjustments. In this continued movement, a cleansing takes place, excess falls away, and clarity flows fluid." - Mesquite Tarot
+ "The theme, then, is not about abstention but about finding a middle way. It is about taking two opposites and creating something new."


Ahhh, my May card! So powerful, and yet so quiet. Basically everything I need to hear right now, and a really well-placed card in my Year as I work through The Artist's Way. Isn't that what this whole experience is about? Learning to practice self care and the art of showing up every day for my creativity. I am an artist, and my creativity has to be nurtured, but also my job exists and I have to put focus on that. Temperance is teaching me how to have my job and care about it, put time into it and be proud of the work I'm doing while still being a productive and inspired artist. Temperance brought me The Artist's Way, and Temperance is keeping me safe. She knows exactly what I need. I am sitting with myself and figuring out what really matters.