3. the empress


key words / concepts / symbols

+ self love and love for others (compassion, mothering, nurturing)
+ creativity and self-expression
+ abundance
+ nature/cycles, feeling in tune with the seasons and the natural world
+ "The Empress represents seeing things through. When a seed is sown, the harvest does not arrive the very next day – a lot of love and care go into bringing each plant to fruition. So the Empress is about taking that time and making a commitment to supporting processes that are slow and organic. Whether that’s work stuff, a relationship, a transition, a journey, the message is the same. Treat it with love and tenderness. Give it what it needs." - The Little Red Tarot
+ being in the flow
+ sexuality/sensuality
+ fertility
+ maternal figures
+ plants growing/growth
+ alive in nature, art and movement
+ The Empress is a call to go outside and experience the sensuality of the earth, to experience the way the senses can create immense pleasure within us
+ "The Empress is well-centered. She is in many ways a combination of the two cards before her, The Magician and the High Priestess. She is balanced between intake and output, and she knows how to foster her imagination, as well as how to really get to work." - The Creative Tarot
+ crops (abundance)
+ venus symbols
+ a crown (power, agency)
+ pregnancy/birth
+ a river, flowing water (feelings in motion - flow)


Oh, I love her so much. She is the representation of my mother - always supportive, always fostering my creativity, always asking me to look closer at the natural world around me and allow it to reach every sense in my body. She takes me camping, points out the angles of light and reflection against surfaces, urges me to touch the water, urges me to love the plants around me. To pay attention to animal tracks. To notice the way the changing angle of the sun affects the colors reflected on the surface of water. I am so thankful to have had The Empress in my life, since birth. I can only hope to embody The Empress to my own child, and if not that, at the very least to someone around me, to myself. I want to nurture, in the smallest ways. I want to tell someone to use their hands to explore the world around them. I want to use my hands to explore the world around me. The Empress is me touching every fabric in a clothing store. Pinching leaves between my fingers to feel if they are soft, fuzzy, waxy, smooth. The Empress is me closing my eyes in the forest and listening to the myriad of sounds. The Empress is letting the sound of a creek lull me to sleep. The Empress is who I should be, who I imagine myself to be. She is my herbal witch, my earth mother, my intuitive creation. She is the fruition of ideas that the natural world hands me.

+ herbal deck/flash cards
+ The Green Witch
+ moths/anxiety
+ salamanders
+ a field guide of herbs in the region with powers/properties
+ combinations of herbs
+ animals, stars, stars within animals