4. the emperor


keywords / concepts / symbols

+ rules + laws
+ structure
+ discipline
+ leadership
+ doing what needs to be done
+ "Expectations are clear, boundaries are set and marked, and all standards and protocols are laid out. Despite their emphasis on order and structure, they can also show a bold, innovative vision – their solid base of knowledge sprinkled with a dash of daring." - The Slow Holler Tarot
+ making decisions (perhaps difficult or unpopular ones)
+ doing groundwork, laying foundations
+ "Or it might look like a person creating boundaries for themself. These boundaries are an essential element of self-care, holding that person’s emotions out of reach of spiritual vampires or keeping them safe from a particularly toxic person or community. (By the same token, it could indicate that someone’s boundaries are too rigid, or are being clung to out of fear.)" - The Little Red Tarot
+ wielding power (for good or for evil)
+ oppression, an institution or situation that traps or controls
+ a parental figure
+ armor
+ an older, wiser person
+ red robes
+ symmetry, straight lines (order/structure)
+ a parental figure
+ "Or creating a daily routine to get you through a ‘stuck patch’ or beat procrastination. For the Emperor is not a person who procrastinates! If there’s a job to be done, this card says: get it done." - The Little Red Tarot
+ establishing longevity
+ careful planning
+ focused and impartial - a keeper of the peace


I guess a good manager is a mix of The Emperor and The Empress. Maybe a little more Empress. And the good side of the Emperor. I don't feel any intense connection to this card, but I also am a little too spontaneous and frivolous to connect to such perfect stability. The Emperor is an Earth sign. He's Bobby on a bad day. HA.