5. the hierophant


key words / symbols / concepts

+ ancestry
+ "I’m talking about race ancestry. Cultural ancestry. Blood ancestry. And the ancestry we each have that comes from the identities we hold. Whoever we are, whatever our identities, there are folks who came before us and who created the paths we now walk. We carry their struggles and their stories within ourselves. We carry their spirituality, an understanding of the symbols they honoured, a recognition of the rhythms that shaped their lives. We can’t always see or access that knowledge, but it’s there." - The Little Red Tarot
+ connecting to your past
+ honoring your ancestors
+ research on family history
+ talking with elders
+ a new start, spiritually
+ spiritual wisdom/teachings
+ "The Hierophant celebrates all of this wisdom, but its focus is particularly on the spiritual. Researching your Apache or Celtic or Yoruba heritage means not only learning about your ancestors’ lives, but discovering more about their spiritual practices, their religions and rituals, their festivals and symbols." - The Little Red Tarot
+ becoming a teacher or mentor
+ reaching a milestone in any kind of study
+ "If you identify as a witch, try to find out more about the history of healers, the folklore and the magical stories they may have told." - The Little Red Tarot
+ key (initiation, unlocking a secret wisdom)
+ pope-like figure (a conduit between worlds)
+ a teacher (passing on wisdom)
+ "The Hierophant asks us to be better. Not just better, but the most balanced, the most compassionate, the most enlightened version of ourselves." - The Creative Tarot


This card reminds me why I want to go back to school. To me it's about learning, giving, and understanding the depths of knowledge around me. It makes me want to order a ton of books about witchcraft. To really commit myself to understanding this thing that makes me feel like I have power, agency, and something to lean on. Who can I talk to about this?