6. the lovers


key words / concepts / symbols

+ love (in all of its forms)
+ making heart-centered choices
+ compassion
+ partnerships and relationships
+ "In our creative context, The Lovers is a calling. You've been pricked by an arrow and now you're totally derailed. It's that moment of realization - 'Oh God, I'm an artist' - and now you have to spend the rest of your life pursuing that identity relentlessly, not even letting poverty or obscurity or repeated failure deter you." - The Creative Tarot
+ self-love
+ being your best self
+ " Thematically, though, The Lovers is still about connection. Connection that does not require alteration. It's about passion, about allowing a love to be feral without needing to domesticate it. Loving something or someone for who or what it is, not what you want it to be. That takes an enormous amount of strength and integrity. Which ties back in with the calling: allowing something to be scary, to be overwhelming; to devote yourself to it even if it requires great changes from you. It's something we have to live up to; it does not arrive neatly wrapped in an understandable package. That would be easy. And The Lovers is always hard."- The Creative Tarot
+ "Think about how falling in love makes you want to be your very best self. It brings out all of this creativity and kindness and romance in you, as you want to show your lover/s the very best that you can be. Love draws out the best in each of us."
+ "recognize love as an action, an ongoing practice" - The Mesquite Tarot


God, this one cuts me deep. It's every aspect of my art, life, relationships, romances, etc. It's about loving myself, too. I am always trying to change myself. I used to try to change my art. But now I am in this headspace where I can finally embrace the things I do and love, and embrace the style that comes out of my hands effortlessly instead of trying to mold it into something that I feel will make me successful. I can see the things I want to draw clearly, and they flow easily. This is The Lovers working through me. The Lovers is why I refuse to get a job making art for other people. The Lovers is why I allow myself to live paycheck to paycheck so I have time to create. The Lovers is why I will quit my day job some day, despite what it might mean for me. The Lovers is how I feel about Bobby, about art, about witchcraft. It just fits, it makes me feel complete, and no matter what it does to change me I will pursue it.