8. strength


key words / symbols / concepts 

+ "Real strength can have a gentle voice, a soft touch, in the same way that water carves stone smooth, grooves out deep canyons, slowly, gracefully. Strength is a reminder that courage doesn't always look tough and intimidating, doesn't have to be quick, restless or harsh. Power lives in compassion, traces deep to tenderness, patience and calm. The confidence of strength demands no assurance, peace collects deep from within, no need to prove rightness. The well is still and deep, filled with a quiet force, this flex of restraint, a brave welcoming: a reminder that true power exists in soft taming, in understanding." - The Mesquite Tarot
+ "Check in with your feelings. Notice those that will burn you out. Offer them love, and override them as best you can." - The Little Red Tarot
+ inner strength and courage
+ "Strength is not about brute force, it is instead about the strength of patience, of receptivity, of innocence." - The Creative Tarot
+ loving activism, fighting fear and hate with compassion
+ dignified resistance
+ "Strength is a card of endurance. You show your strength through weathering difficult circumstances and by outlasting the fear that tells you, 'This is never going to work; you should give up and go home.' It's a quiet resolve dependent on your capacity for empathy and kindness." - The Creative Tarot
+ emotional labor (and its value)
+ forgiveness
+ daring to be vulnerable
+ love in the face of anger and fear
+ checking in with your emotions
+ accepting and loving the "shadow self"
+ self-love
+ making positive, compassionate choices
+ lemniscate/infinity sign (transcendence, magical powers, tapping into something higher)
+ lion (the beast within us)
+ a woman taming the lion
+ white clothing
+ flowers (love, care, beauty)
+ "Strength is the loving determination to live, to love, to be wholeheartedly ourselves and create space for others to do the same." - The Little Red Tarot


This one is hard for me, but also too easy. It's a Leo card, but it's also a card about being easy on myself and having patience which is something I really struggle with. For me, it seems terrifying to not know the outcome, to not know if my time spent will be worth it. But that's what strength is all about. About pursuing something and knowing that it may take patience and time to see any results from it. I want to tame my own artistic abilities slowly and carefully. I want to be like water, slow moving and soft and allow myself to shape my own future over time. It doesn't have to come all at once.