9. the hermit


key words / symbols / concepts

+ "It’s intimidating, this kind of solitude. This kind of silence. It requires a huge amount of bravery and a resourceful spirit. It takes guts to be willing to face the chaos most of us carry inside us, and attempt to sort through it and make some kind of sense of it all." - The Little Red Tarot
+ "The Hermit represents a more personal kind of quest. It is about going within. The lamp the Hermit carries is your inner light, the instinct and the desire to learn that will guide you to the answers you seek." - The Little Red Tarot
+ solitude, retreat
+ peace and quiet
+ giving your mind space
+ working things through on your own
+ claiming time and space for you
+ mentoring/teaching, being one or finding one
+ "This is more about moving away from the collective, having the confidence in your own work to stand on your own, and no longer being swayed by other people's opinions of what you should do." - The Creative Tarot
+ self-guided study/guided study
+ lamp (inner wisdom)
+ "Solitude is ultimately about coming together, uniting the parts of our being that become scattered or disconnected, weaving loose threads, collecting tired bones." - The Mesquite Tarot
+ a staff (leaning on knowledge and wisdom)
+ mountains or isolated places
+ hooded cloak (devotion to study)


Ahhh, the bit about not being swayed by other people's work and opinions really hits close to home. This card makes me want to delete my Instagram and work solely based on the things in my own head. It makes me want to turn way from observation as whole. I know I need those things to "fill the well" but I also feel like I need to distance myself from them a little bit in order to really understand my own artistic needs and desires.