• Green: link together in one setting/scene

  • The Branch/Walking Stick: perhaps it should flowering

  • Cave: symbol for the underworld; perhaps she came from the land of the dead, and the story begins here, in this place of transition, back towards life


Aconite - crime, the poison of words, coolness


Alder - death, fire, divination + resurrection (Celtic), Pan, spring


Amaranth - immortality, faith, fidelity, constancy in love.


Amber - strength and courage, solar energy, “tiger soul”, used as a talisman of healing


Anemone - sorrow, abandonment, death, transience of life, fragility, grief, virginity, ephemeral, sprang up where Adonis fell dead (Greek)


Ash (tree) - cosmic tree of Norse myth (Yggdrasil), linking heaven, earth and underworld, fecundity, unity of opposites, invincibility, continuity of life, strength


Bell - creative power, the heavens


Boat - vehicle, cradle, womb, mother, human body, transition between spiritual and material worlds


Bone - mortality, death, resurrection, rebirth


Book - power to ward off evil spirits, double-edged sword, secrets, transcendental, creation, wisdom, science, scholarship, revelation.


Branch - to give way or to bend, take on the symbolism of the tree from which they were cut, flowering bough stands for logic (Medieval).


Cave - labyrinthine, passage between this world and the underworld, between life and land of the dead, womb, tomb, seven caves (Aztec), gestation, shelter, darkness, sun-god Amaterasu (Japan), introversion, incubation, regression, hibernation, psychic withdrawal, refuge, confinement, disorientation, lost, cave-in, crushing self-doubt, vas (Alchemy), secret


Cloud - freedom, tranquility, “connection to and release from terrestrial”, ethereal, earthly, formlessness / form, fertility, divine, background of psychic process, playful, anticipatory, inspiring, ominous, nebulous, ignorance, deception, confusion, pessimism, infinity.


Crescent - Sumerian moon tree, horns of a white cow, Ishtar, Io + Keroessa, triple-headed moon Goddess - Artemis, Athena and Persephone, chaste virgin / divine birth, Mesopotamian moon god, increase (crescere), wishes, planting seeds, good luck, lunacy, the danger of the psyche, mortality, transience, eternal cycling


Dew - Eos (winged goddess of dawn), renewal, potency, refreshment, tonic, Kuan Yin (Buddhist), ethereal, evanescent, illumination, the aqua sapienta (Alchemy, the mercurial water of wisdom), fresh, reanimating


Fog - tracery, translucency, approaching death, “strange moods in which spirits appear”, confusion, uncertainty, indefiniteness, state between real + unreal, enfolding, blanketing, obscuring, mystery


Mandrake - fertility, fantasy, Circe (Greek), Rachel (Bible), aphrodisiac, good luck, dark power, death, madness, underworld, black dog, gives life + brings death, heals + poisons, a force humans should be careful with


Mushroom - magical, demonic, divine, physical strength, trances, witches + fairies, healing, divination, enchant, alter, nourish, poison


Newt - life in two worlds, (because of its amphibious nature), eft (faery), primal + simple, directly accessible, further worlds, the simplest, earthiest form of a dragon


Oak - grandeur, vastness, substance, potential, acorn, royal, solid, eternal, cycles or birth + death, “philosophical tree” (Alchemy), invincible, communications of an oracle, transformation, self, unconscious core, humbling


Ocean- memory, depth, psyche, patterns, engulfing, mother, mystery, sleep + dreams, inspiration, exhilaration, cleansing, sepulchral gloom, power, sustaining, rejuvenating.


Pine - long life, immortality, constancy, courage, adversity, steadfastness, spirit, wisdom, immortality, fertility, creativity, regeneration, good luck, cycles of death + renewal.


Reflecting Pool - moon, consciousness, self, imagination, purity + energy, cleansing, perception, dreams, gate to the underworld.


River - time, veins, fluidity, fertility, prosperity, forgetting, rebirth, death, purity, cleansing, grace, a mythic passage to “the other shore”, flow, freedom, movement, drowning, dangerous currents, changing of course, Charon (river Styx), boundary, crossing to the land of the dead of between conscious and unconscious, teacher.


Thistle - “one who is barbed but has a soft heart”, self-protection, impenetrability, austerity, resilience, plague, prolific, intractable, gift of the Devil, love that endures suffering, Aphrodite, Virgin Mary, healing, cleansing, longevity, roots are said to dispel melancholy.


Waterfall - Amida, sacred, descent, eternal movement, eternal change, autumnal, balance

Whirlpool - transition, meditation, spiral, the center, monstrous force, Charybdis, portal, transition from dread to hope.