As part of my illustrative and magical practice, I offer custom sigil commissions where I work with a client on an intention and then create, draw, and mail them their sigil, as well as sending them a digital copy. You can find the listing for this service on my shop here.


Q: What’s a sigil?

A: A sigil is a magical symbol created by rearranging, shifting, and transforming the letters that make up a phrase of intention, such as “I will be strong through this challenge.” They can look very different, and there is no right or wrong way to create one.

Q: How are sigils used?

A: Sigils are created and then activated, which can happen in many different ways. I use several methods to activate my sigils: drawing them in the dirt before a rain and letting them wash away, drawing them on a piece of paper and burning it, weaving them, drawing them on my palms/skin and letting them wash away - just to name a few! My custom sigils are created, but not activated. I will send you a physical copy of your sigil when completed, which you can however you’d like. You might want to burn it, or frame it and keep it somewhere meaningful in your home or workplace. You may also redraw the sigil and activate in in another way of your choosing.

Q: What sort of sigil do I need?

A: No idea! That’s up to you. Think of something you want to manifest, and then create a statement of intention in an active tense. Not “I want to be strong”, but “I WILL be strong.” If you need a little inspiration, check out some of the sigils I’ve created here.

Q: How do I get mine?

A: Head to my shop page and purchase the listing “Custom Sigil”. Fill out the form you’re prompted with on the checkout page, and I’ll be in contact with you about your sigil within a day or two!