2. the high priestess


key words / concepts / symbols

+ the answer is within you
+ listening to and trusting your intuition
+ looking beneath the surface
+ getting therapy
+ exploring or studying spirituality
+ taking a non-rational approach
+ knowing things that you can't explain
+ stillness, quiet, passivity, meditation
+ a witch or wise woman
+ lunar cycles
+ spell work and ritual
+ mystery
+ the moon (intuition)
+ water (still, reflective)
+ a veil
+ scripture or text
+ "The High Priestess sits at the shadowy gateway between your conscious, everyday mind, and all that lies beneath. There is so much down there, it can be hard to make sense of it all. Ancestral knowledge, passed down through blood or culture. Lessons learned unconsciously in childhood. Socialisation. Trauma (both our own, and that which we inherit). Forgotten wisdom, connection to nature, spirit and lunar cycles. The knowledge of body and soul. The knowledge of what lies beyond. Though we aren’t always able to access this information, our bodies remember. Our souls remember. And we carry all of it within us." - The Little Red Tarot
+ "A person with limited experience and knowledge is considered to be of limited talent and potential. An artist should always be learning. And not with any end result in mind, just guided by her own curiosity." - The Creative Tarot
+ "The transcendent knowing that lives in the marrow of our bones. The premonition of the inevitable, the inward awareness, and from that spark, a particular magic." - The Mesquite Tarot



The High Priestess is who I, on the days I am vibing with my Scorpio Rising, consider to be my Evolved Self. I want to dive into the still waters of knowledge and use it to create, create, create. The High Priestess is where my art needs to make its home. In the ancestral knowledge of symbolism, herbalism, magic, and the earth. The powers of all those things run through my veins because they've been passed down. I love them, I love my past even when it hurts me. I am here to know and learn and dive deeper.